Alimentos de Zamora
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D.O.P. Valles de Benavente
Plaza Mayor s/n
Brime de Urz
980 643 077
980 643 077

“Valles de Benavente” is a grape-producing region with a longstanding tradition and many differentiating features. It is located in the northeast of the Zamora province and encompasses three different valleys (Valverde, Tera and Vidriales), which explains why it is called “The Benavente Valleys”. The Association works ceaselessly to make our wines known in Zamora, Castilla y León and, of course, the rest of the world, always bearing the exclusive local variety Prieto Picudo as its banner.


Extreme, arid continental climate, low rainfall, high luminosity and extreme temperatures (-15ºC to +40ºC). The geographical area covered by the Association (1,520 km2) belongs to 62 municipalities and consists of brown limestone soils with a sandy loam texture, pH 7-8.

Varieties and Wines

Authorised varieties:

  • Reds: Tempranillo, Prieto Picudo and Mencía (complemented by Garnacha and Cabernet Sauvignon).
  • Whites: Malvasía and Verdejo.

Cherry red colour with violet tones.
Aromas of forest fruits (blackberries, mulberries).
The mouth reveals smooth tannicity and balanced acidity.

Bright raspberry colour.
Strong aroma, with predominance of red berries (strawberry, raspberry).
In the mouth it is light, fresh and pleasantly meaty.

Clear, bright colours. Straw yellow.
Fruity aromas (green apple).
The mouth reveals fruitiness and a slight sparkle on occasions.

Bodega Andrea Gutiérrez Ferreras
Fuente Encalada (Zamora)
Tlf.: 980 659 245

Bodega Cooperativa El Tesoro
Brime de Urz (Zamora)
Tlf.: 636 982 233

Bodega Castillo de Vidriales
Quiruelas de Vidriales (Zamora)
Tlf.: 628 317 119
Bodega Francisco González
Benavente (Zamora)
Tlf.: 980 638 355

Bodega Mitus
Villalpando (Zamora)
Tlf.: 679 391 461

Bodegas Otero S.A.
Benavente (Zamora)
Tlf.: 980 631 600

Bodegas Verdes S.L.
Santibañez de Vidriales (Zamora)
Tlf.: 980 648 308