Alimentos de Zamora
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D.O.P. Queso Zamorano

C/ Ramos Carrión, 11

980 530 511
980 530 511

The cheesemaking tradition in Zamora dates back to ancient times. Indeed, in the Copper Age, more than 4000 years ago, cheese was made in the province. This land of herds and shepherding have produced a high-quality cheese with a strong identity. It is prepared using the milk of Churra and Castellana sheep, pure breeds which are indigenous to the province and are fed upon local crops, meadows and pastures.

Queso Zamorano is the only D.O.P. (protected designation of origin) awarded to cheeses in the region of Castilla y León and the fifth in Spain. Our cheese is exported to every country in the EU, the USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Dubai and India, etc.


AREA OF PRODUCTION: Zamora province.
TYPE OF MILK: raw or pasteurised, from Churra or Castellana sheep.
TYPE OF CHEESE: pressed paste.
SHAPE: cylindrical.
DIMENSIONS: Weight: up to 4 kg. Diameter: up to 24 cm.
RIND: Hard, yellow, pale or dark grey and clearly defined.
MASS: Firm and compact with colours that range from white to yellowish- Ivory.
HOLES: Small and spread across the entire cut.
FAT: No less than 45% dry extract.
PREPARATION: hand-made or industrial.
MATURATION: 100-365 days.
PRESENTATION: Conserves natural external features, labelled according to legal requirements at the dairy, casein plate and C.R.D.O.P. seal.


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