Alimentos de Zamora
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I.G.P. Lenteja de Tierra de Campos

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Lentils, like most legumes, usually accompanied by the humble adjective, because it is part of the traditional diet of these lands and has been cultivated since ancient times. But nothing is further from reality, taking into account its high nutritional richness and great taste.

In the region of Tierra de Campos which spans the provinces of Zamora, Valladolid, Palencia and León, plains alternating crops with cereal lentils and other legumes, including lofts and steppe birds. In return, plus take advantage of the fallow, the "humble" lentils restitute land to valuable nutrients.


The pardina named bob brown brown with black spots that have these pulses. It is small, 4 or 5 mm., Allowing not cover lost when cooked and is very thin on the palate. It is also quick cooking and not need to be soaked. The wealth of high protein pardinas and high fiber content makes them an essential and necessary in a balanced diet plate.

These lentils do not require extra cultivation in nitrogen inputs because in symbiosis with some types of bacteria can take nitrogen from the air. Hence soils occur where pardinas are free from contamination. The midday sun, soft or cold morning and evening temperatures do the rest, creating an ideal agro-climatic environment, which allows slow maturation of these lentils excellent quality. Of course, its final development is due to the good work of the farmer Earth zamorana Campos shared with the provinces of León, Valladolid and Palencia.

The lentil pardina Tierra de Campos is covered by the Protected Geographical Indication and features a Control Board which is responsible for ensuring that the characteristics of these pulses are met, while encouraging and controls product quality.


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