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VEGETABLES   |   Pimiento de Fresno-Benavente

I.G.P. Pimiento de Fresno-Benavente

C. Maestro Dario Furones, 11
49624, Micereces de Tera
606 594 775 (presidency)
658 767 422 (technical dir.)

This vegetable is a local variety and is highly appreciated on every market in the province and elsewhere.
It is grown in 55 towns and villages in the north of the province of Zamora, the district of Benavente and the river valleys and in another 33 towns and villages in the south-east of the province of León. It has been recognised with its own protected geographical indication under the name of Pimiento de Fresno- Benavente (Pepper from Fresno-Benavente).


The specific nature of this product is the result of the selection of a type of pepper known as morro de vaca or morrón, which is usually enjoyed raw.

It is a large pepper, weighing more than 300 g; it has a rectangular shape and a minimum width of 10 cm. Its morphological characteristic is the three, four or five locules on the end.

It is very juicy and has a medium-sweet taste that is very rarely bitter and not at all spicy. Its skin is also quite soft and almost dissolves when the pepper is eaten. Its flesh is also very thick.


The IGP (protected geographical indication) has legally affiliated producers in León and Zamora.