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D.O. Toro

C. Isaías Carrasco, 4
49800 Toro

980 690 335
980 693 201

In 1987, this wine obtained the classification of Denomination of Origin and the production area was thereby limited to approximately 6000 hectares in the Toro area. The average production of each harvest is 18 million kg/grape, 90% of which is of the Tinta de Toro variety.


The River Duero is the hallmark of Toro wines and is complemented by very light soils which take advantage of the scarce rainfall and many hours of sunshine. This, together with the use of the indigenous Tinta de Toro variety, creates an excellentquality wine, based on old vineyards and very low levels of production.

Varieties and Wines

Authorised varieties:

  • Reds: Tinta de Toro and Garnacha.
  • Whites: Malvasia and Verdejo.

In the glass: medium garnet, bright and lively with a purple edge.
On the nose: primary aromas of black fruits of the forest and liquorice. Secondary dairy aromas. Tertiary aromas of balsamic toasted resins, smoky notes with hints of vanilla and cream.
In the mouth: creamy and long-lasting with balsamic notes and a hint of liquorice.

In the glass: bright, medium cherry red, clean, little depth and a garnet edge.
On the nose: vanilla, toast, liquorice, toffee and an explosion of ripe fruit.
In the mouth: well structured, polished, inviting tannins with a retronasal of spice.

In the glass: heart of red wine with hints of ruby red, clean and bright.
On the nose: fine wood, leather, fallen leaves, citric tree bark, toffee, vanilla and spices.
In the mouth: inviting tannins and a medicinal retronasal.


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Bienvenida de Vinos S.L.
Burdigala S.L.
Cañada del Pino S.L.
Carmen Rodríguez Méndez
Coop. Vino de Toro
Coralduero S.L.
Cyan S.L.
Domaine Magrez Espagne S.L.
Dominio del Bendito S.L.
Estancia Piedra S.L.
Fariña S.L
Florencio Salgado Narros
Francisco Casas S.A.
Gestión Valdigal S.L.
Gil Luna S.L.
Hijos de Antonio Barcelo S.A.
Industria Alimentaria Vicente S.L.
Liberalia Enológica S.L.
Los Marzales S.L.
Marqués de Olivara S.L.
Mazas Soc. Coop.
Monte la Reina S.C.L.
Numanthia Möet Hennessy España
Palacio de Villachica S.A.
Pago de Matarredonda S.L.
Pagos del Rey S.L.
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Quinta de la Quietud S.L.
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