Alimentos de Zamora
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M.G. Chorizo Zamorano

Sancho IV, 40 oficina 4
49006 Zamora
980 530 327 / 655 842 015

Chorizo Zamorano (chorizo of Zamora) is a cured, raw cold-meat product whose past is associated with eating habits and the meat companies in the province of Zamora.

The area's situation and climate have made it ideal for the tradicional slaughtering of pigs and the making of pork products, an activity that is firmly rooted in the province's history and culture as one of the oldest grastronomical traditions in the region.

The method used to make the product has been passed on from one generation to the next and Chorizo Zamorano is characterised as a genuine product that is particular to and typical of the province.


Chorizo Zamorano has a characteristic taste.
The basic raw material used to make the product is fresh fatty white-layer pork with the right structure and amount of fat. The method uses the parts of the tract that stands out thanks to the quality of the pork, such as the top of the loin, the shoulder blade, leg, brisket, lard and belly, which give the products its Categoría Extra (extra-quality category). The use of meat with a texture and consistency that are considered inappropiate is not allowed.
The meat is seasoned with paprika from La Vera, which has its own designation of origin, salt, garlic and oregano; and one of the most important features is that it is made using natural gut.
During the curing process, the controlled temperature and humidity give Chorizo Zamorano a final texture that is consistent, easy to slice and with fat and meat that are correctly bound together to give the product its ideal succulence and chewability.

It is packaged in various formats:
- Chorizo Zamorano Sarta or Herradura (horseshoe shape).
- Chorizo Zamorano Vela.
- Chorizo Zamorano Ristra or Atado (string).
- Chorizo Zamorano Cular.


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