Alimentos de Zamora
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M.G. Setas de Castilla y León

CESEFOR. Pedro Gómez Turiel
Polígono Industrial "Las Casas"
Calle C, Parcela 4
42005 Soria


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The harvesting and marketing of mushrooms in the province is a relatively new activity, but it is currently one of the up-and-coming values of the country world. The high quality of these products makes them one of the most highly sought in the restaurant sector.
Despite the fact that edible mushrooms are produced across the province, most of the volume that is marketed comes from the countryside around Sanabria, Carballeda and Aliste, which is also where most of the processing companies are based.


The extreme climate, with cold, wet winters and dry, hot summers, means that there is only a short period of time for harvesting these products, which is reduced to just over one month in spring and around two months in autumn. However, the climate and the characteristics of the soil, which in the districts that produce the highest volume of mushrooms is siliceous with low carbonate content, give this natural foodstuff its exceptional organoleptic properties. Of the large number of edible mushroom species that live and are produced in this area, the most highly appreciated for the table include: cep mushrooms from the edulis group; Caesar's mushrooms; chanterelles; and delicious lactarius mushrooms.
The cep mushrooms that grow in these lands, especially those that come from rockrose areas, have an intense flavour, a pleasant aroma of nuts and a texture that is terse and compact. This is why they are highly appreciated on international markets under the designation of Zamoranitos.

Since autumn 2010, the mushrooms of Castilla y León have carried a quality mark that helps distinguish the different species, certify their origin and guarantee food safety through the supervision of batches by mushroom experts, together with certification by the health authorities and traceability controls.

Processing Companies

Conservas Anda S.L.
Conservas Gabemar S.L.
Conservas Vegetales Faúndez, S.L.
Eurohongo S.L.
Frutas silvestres y setas S.L.
Hongos de Zamora S.L.
Micozamora Gourmet S.L.L
Nando Silvestre S.L.
Natur Silver
Prodeza S.L.
Productos Silvestres Sierra de la Culebra S.L.